How to Get Free Crystals in Star Wars Commander

Ah, Crystals and Star Wars: Commander! The premium currency in the game is obviously the most difficult one to get for free, but one that can be put to great use by those who want to build up their base faster. Fortunately, there are some ways the game can reward you with them, so check out this article on how to get free Crystals in Star Wars Commander and you’ll soon have just enough to keep you going… and get your third and so much needed Droid out on your base!

Here are all the ways that are available at the moment of writing to get free Crystals in Star Wars Commander easily:

1. Connect your game with your Facebook account

Whenever you decide to do this, you get 10 free Crystals. It’s not much, but little by little, all the Crystals will add up!

2. When you get the pop-up asking you to review the game, do it!

This will bag you a nice 25 Crystals and if you really don’t want to rate or review the game, you don’t have to. Just tap the button that you accept the offer and you’re getting the free Crystals. But it’s better if you’re a good boy or girl and actually rate the game. You know you love it as much as I do!

3. Master each chapter for a nice Crystal bonus

For each Chapter that you master, you receive 20 free Crystals in Star Wars Commander. Mastering the missions is indeed difficult, so you should focus on completing them at first (for the bonus resources) and come back to the attack or defense missions when you have strong enough troops. You can replay any mission in any chapter of the game by tapping the “View all chapters” text in the Chapters section of the game. This is easy Crystals, at least up to Chapter 5 which is your first real challenge!

4. Clean up the debris on your base

All the Rocks and Junk on your base that you can send your Droids to clean up have the potential to give you some free Crystals, so make sure that you always clean up your base in order to maximize the gains. The debris keeps appearing on your base even after you clean it up and it keeps rewarding you with Crystals (although it’s not a 100% return rate). However, make sure to keep your Droids busy and your base clean for a maximum gain of premium currency.

5. Buy large amounts from the shop

You probably don’t want to spend too much money on premium items in the game, but sometimes you might just have to. Try to be smart about it and purchase the larger quantities: this way, you get some bonus Crystals. If you Decide to get the Bag of Crystals, for example, instead of two Handful of Crystals, you will win 200 free ones. If you go even higher and purchase the Satchel of Crystals, for the price of 4 Handfuls, you get 500 extra Crystals and so on. So the bigger the quantity of buy, the more free Crystals you get. So plan your spending and instead of spending small amounts every now and then, spend a larger amount less often.

Right now, these are the only ways to get free Crystals in Star Wars Commander, but we really hope that new ones will be added. Hopefully Achievements will be part of the game at some point – and they should earn us premium currency, as well as other features like Squad wars, new Single Player chapters and the already announced event – the Dandoran Conflict. But until then, we’ll have to do with what we have so far. Good luck!

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4 comments on “How to Get Free Crystals in Star Wars Commander

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Tapjoy freebees you can get from the Shop. I get like 10 or so every so often just for looking at a flyer for Target. Today I went all-out and called 1-800-Dentist for almost 500 Crystals. Didn’t even have to make an actual appointment with a dentist. Haha.

    • Just tried it and, on iOS at least, there are currently no offers showing. It says come back later for more offers. Dead Trigger 2 has plenty of offers so I don’t think it’s me.

    • These are probably in the US version only, I don’t have any Tapjoy freebies or other ways to earn free crystals in my game. Hopefully they go global with this 🙂

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