How to Fix Star Wars Commander Crashing & Error Status: 1215 Message

Unfortunately for many fellow Star Wars: Commander players, the game does not run as smooth as possible and there are reports of game crashes and freezes and other strange glitches all over again. The great news is that the developers are working hard to fix all these problems and bugs that result in the game crashing, so hopefully sooner rather than later we will not have to complain about this.

Take my first error message report as an example: my game was plagued by the “FMS Failed to initialize” error, but for a few days not I didn’t get that message at all. So things are moving in the right direction!

However, lately there was a different error message that drove me crazy during the battles the “Status: 1215” error message. To put it shortly, it does not allow you to do anything else during the attack after deploying the troops and even though the battle itself still runs in the background, you lose the battle and all your troops. Pretty annoying!

Here is the complete message that I get, in case you want to know if we’re talking about the same error:

“Command Failed! The server was unable to execture the command. Please reload and try again. If the problem continues please contact customer support. Status: 1215”

Apparently, this is actually a good anti-cheating measure implemented by the developers, but one that sometimes backfires against honest users too. What it does is that it believes you are trying to send into battle more troops than you are actually allowed to, triggers the anti-cheating mechanics and therefore blocks your game. If you are not cheating, here is what you might try to do (thanks to Dan over at the official forums):

1. Stop leaving troops in the training queue over at your base. If a troop finishes training during the battle, the game might think that you are trying to send in more troops than allowed and triggers this anti-cheating thing. This is clearly annoying, but it works in my case – and it should work in yours until they fix the problem.

2. Don’t send all your troops intro battle and leave 1 or 2 in each category. This might work even if you have other troops in training. All in all, it’s about making the game understand that you are not actually trying to send in more troops than you are allowed to.

The good news is that this Status: 1215 error in Star Wars: Commander is a known issue and it should be fixed sooner rather than later. Even better, we have these fixes for you which should do the trick in the mean time.

Are you experiencing this problem with your game or you’re having other crashes and errors? Let us know in the comment section below but remember: WE ARE NOT THE GAME DEVELOPERS, ALWAYS CONTACT THE GAME SUPPORT FOR HELP. (sorry for the Caps Lock “shouting” but people usually don’t read that).

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  1. Early this morning (9/12/14) I started receiving a message that the servers were down for maintenance. That was followed by an announcement of a game update. After updating the app I’ve been receiving an error message saying I don’t have an internet connection (but I do). Any suggestions?

    • That internet thing happened to me last night “connection error! unable to connect to server. Check your internet connection and reload the game” What did you do to get the game to work again

  2. My game crashes 25 times a day at least, no kidding. Freezes. Error messages. 1215 messages. Game won’t let me log on , yet i do have internet connection. Loss of all my troops in battles that crash, in about 12 to 15 of my battles recently. I foolishly spent some of my own money just after signing up, to make upgrades. It is a shame, i really like the idea of the game yet am getting extremely frustrated! The loss of crystals, credits, troops, and time will not be gained back. I wish at least they would contact my couple of emails back with a response.

    • I have same problem. Except I didn’t spend money. I would spend plenty if the game was stable and reliable, but the game is basically unplayable.

    • I have simaler things happening I have 100% all three stars then it freezes so I have to reboot, when the game reloads it says I’ve lost the match some times all my troops have been used other times everything is still full it does this in matches, squad wars, base defense, also I can start upgrades and when I come back hours later it’s like I didn’t even start them it’s annoying now.

  3. App crashes on my iPhone4 almost constantly. I have been trying to play the latest chapter, but every stinkin’ time I attack an enemy base it crashes halfway through my attack. I automatically lose all my deployed troops and lost the battle. Oftentimes the app crashed as soon as it is launched (which takes forever anyway).

    I like this game when it works, but that seems to be less and less often.

    • up to levle 4 works ok then it crashes all the time i had 600 medles now dow to 370 because of crahses. I tried rebble and empire, i am now on empier , made my own squad, dont have any one it it but me , does not crach as much but still bad, esp when useing hero

  4. My game keeps saying status 701 when I start the game, and every so often it starts me back to the beginning of the game.

  5. Game has been crashing loads recently . My internet connection is fast & have no problems with other apps or games. SWC will crash 99% of the time after loading screen. Sometimes I may get a few minutes to collect gold/iron or upgrade my base, but only ever a few minutes. I don’t get any time to attack someone. In the last 2 weeks I have attacked 5 bases & the game crashed during the first 10 seconds of each attack costing me medals & troops.

    Such a shame because I love this game & have put a serious amount of time & effort into my base & army. I have to hope the powers that be are coming up with an update soon because right now the game is unplayable.

  6. Every time I load up the game it says “Unable to connect to the server. Check your internet connection and reload the game. Status: 7” I have closed it and opened it many times but the same message pops up and the loading bar is always loaded to only a fifth of the whole bar. Please help.

  7. Hi, i have another problem. I’m stuck on chapter 9 mission 9, every time i go to the mission it starts to load but it keeps liading and the battle never begins. I waited for half an hour but still no response. I tried everything.
    Any suggestions

  8. Every single time I launch a battle, it crashes in the middle of it, everything becomes black and once I open the game again I’ve lost everything. This is pretty annoying… You have any info about this problem? Thanks!

  9. I was wondering if anyone had the Status 7 error code while trying to load? I have no issue playing this game at different WiFi connection spots except at work. Other games will load at work except Star Wars Commander !?! What gives?

  10. Very very frustrating are crashes in each campagn last time – this means loosing money if You bought cristalls to save time : maybe this Is a business model on market? If this will proceed I will delete game and tell all friends not waste money with StarWars Commander !

  11. I quite like the game but the constant crashes are going to cause me to delete it. The number of times it has crashed when attacking an opponent resulting in the loss medal count, forces and the credits I spent to build them is just ridiculous

  12. the game freezes during battle while my hero glitches out and cant send in any troops and if it shows in my que i used them they dissappear mid battle. also when i try to train hero command it glitches and shows empty black boxes and the same when trying to train troops right after a battle. the only way it works is if i exit and reload the game and can then commence the training. i have not had a problem with starship command tho. ive cleared the cashe and uninstalled and re installed twice to no avail

    • i know what u mean Special k. i just got the game on my phone, and when i chose what side to belong to, it asked me to upgrade my building, so i tapped on it and i cant do anything. any info on what i can do? i even uninstalled and reinstalled the game but same problem

      • oh wow, I havent had that happen. you could leave the phone on, take the battery out for 15min put the battery back in turn back on then go to application manager and clear cashe on the game? i havent had those issues i was mentioning the last two days really really weird! if this doesnt work I cannot help. Im just as lost as the next guy lol

  13. So my issue is I start the game, go into barracks to train troops and there all there, now I do a battle, send all the troops in. When I get back to the home screen, go into barracks to train troops , there are no troops to Train. Also no hero’s to mobilize or machines to make Just blank screens. And then it will show I have full troops waiting to train in the top and will say finish for 50 gems. So I have to exit, close game down then go back in and restart. And what’s worse is I just got the new HTC M8. It is a fantastic phone that works with All my games but this one!! This is so so frustrating. Any suggestions? Anything!

  14. in Reference to issue in the above message,
    I upgraded from the HTC 1 too HTC M8 and S W C works fine with no issues on old phone, not new phone. I have to use my old phone if I don’t want to close my new phone down every time I do a battle.


  15. After a major update a few months ago, SWC wouldn’t start. Today I reinstalled Android. I run the game and it worked, until I also played Star Wars Defense. After that SWC wouldn’t start again.

    Do these games use the same resource allocations or something?

  16. This game is a horribly built rip off of clash of clans – and I mean horrible AND rip off! Play clash so much better and much more fun!

  17. I guarantee f u play clash of clans u will be much happier a few clan mates got us into THs and we tried it. First there is virtually every aspect of clash ripped off blatantly. But honestly we would have played. We created a squad (clan) and tried it for weeks and it sucks. Trust me try clans light years ahead of this in terms of smoothnessno problems and better social component

  18. Great game, when it works. This is my 3rd attempt at high level 6. Each time I achieve lvl 6 and try to upgrade my guns and shields, the stinking game glitches and I have to start over. The Disney people don’t seem to give a damn. So the error says contact tech support — Yeah, where’s that 800 number? I think they are afraid to post it. Anyone know a phone number for support. Is there such a thing? Don’t think so. No respect for people’s time. In the day… “Just a Mickey Mouse operation”

  19. Statut 905 …. impossible for me to connect… i’v done the update and now … statut 905… what should I do ?

  20. please fix the sever and the crash we can’t play when the crash people and make the empire even with the rebels because it unfair for the empire.
    and make the at at better so we can’t complain about the at-at improve the empire please thank u

  21. Game litterally crashes every single battle and I lose everything….I love the game bc it’s like clash except its Star Wars which is better! But I’m not going to be spending ANY money on this game till I know I won’t get kicked out every damn battle.

  22. about every 4th or 5th battle my iPad mini just shuts the game and I end up at the log in icon… its normally when I’m winning as well…on return to game my troops are all gone… any thoughts or is it the server cannot run fast enough for everyone and boots me out….its very frustrating….

  23. I would like to inform the maker of the game Star Wars Commander that the game crashes every time in battle and lost over 600 metals …I am so tired of this when can’t even finish a battle when others can 100% me…I am thinking of deleting this game and will let all friends that play delete it also…..fix it or I will delete it

  24. Hate how the game crashes every single time I attack a rival. Love the game but hate hopes it does this. I hope they update this.

  25. Since this recent app update ive had crashes doing either raids on other players or mission crashes. even the event thats going on. tried many things but cant seem to stop the crashes

  26. As I can see, Iยดm not the only one experiencing problems with SWC. But the biggest problem is I canยดt load it anymore… ๐Ÿ™

  27. I’ve had only one crash, but since then i’ve not been able to enter it. All my alloy refineries are filled.What a waste of time. When I searched this website, it has been explaining about Status:1215, but what I want is for Status:0

  28. The only solution i’ve found is to force-quit the app before every battle to try to ensure it doesn’t do complete crash during a fight.

    If i don’t do that what seems to happen is the first battle after a clean start is fine, the second suffers from some stammering and potentially crashes if it gets really stuttery and if the game survives through two battles it will almost certainly crash during a third.

    It also doesn’t seem to matter if the battle is a live player-based battle or a replay battle which makes me think the crash has nothing to do with my own actions as during a replay I am not interracting with the app/device at all besides watching the screen.

    I suspect also that the problem is likely a very fundemental issue like a memory leak or other such resource drain that leads to the crash as otherwise why would a clean start alleviate the symptoms.

    • I forgot to memtion that my device is an iPad2 and that the issue has existed in all versions of SWC I’ve played over the past year and my device has been wiped and reloaded a couple of times during that period (for other reasons) and received all the usual iOS upgrades meaning that the device has changed setup fairly significantly in all that time yet this same SWC crash issue has consistantly happened.

  29. I am stuck on chapter 9 mission 3. My battle was stopped as it began and now I can’t get the game to light up the attack button. It just tells me I’m partially in the mission. I have tried rebooting and replaying the previous chapter to allow me to keep playing this one but it’s been a few days. Any chance that anyone has had this before? I’m in limbo. I can train, collect coins and alloy, build,etc. but cannot continue my missions.

  30. I am experiencing a few problems. One of these is any minor wifi blip causes the game to give you an error message that says it is unable to connect the internet. The only option you have at this point is to reload. If this happens during a battle, you lose the attack, and the game steals your troops and your medals. I have also had the same thing happen when the game stalls after I finish an attack. The most irritating part is that in both examples, I would have 3-stared my opponent. Final problem: they don’t make it easy to complain or report bugs.

  31. I have no idea how to contact support, i would like some compensation, for all my lost progress.

  32. I like how there’s no place to contact the support ppl. What’s the point in playing the game if it will crash causing you to loose all troops and a battle, which can leave you broke and having to wait hours to accumulate the required resources to re build an army, to hopefully not crash and kill

  33. MAJOR FRAUD! I recently found, Error Status 1207 playing on Win 10.
    It took me a while to figure it out as i bought crystals with real money…then when upgrading anything in game, using crystals to speed up the process, the game would suddenly crash, with error Status 1207. Then the game will reload, and you end up with less crystals in your bank, but the actions you were trying to undertake hasn’t go through. Which means the game is actually stealing crystals from you bought with real money. I have calculate thousands of crystals lost that way for me so far. But not just that, i came back one morning to realize that a whole wall section i upgraded days before to lvl 5…. which cost me a fortune to do… suddenly reverted back ALL section, to lvl 4 walls…. what a rippoff! I’m gonna try to contact support, if not i’ll contact Microsoft and Disney themselves, if nothing works then i’ll have to take legal measures to expose those devs, their fraudulent game, and get all my money back. Thank you.

  34. Game cannot load, gets so far in loading then goes back to the star wars commander screen. Had to uninstall and reinstall, lost everything.



  37. I have noticed since the start of October since the latest add ons the the game seems to randomly get laggy and crash and bring me back to my home screen. I have also been having the status 7 error on certain WI-Fi connections when the game tries to load. I think these two things are the main issues right now since i have not had ever had any other errors other than 7. So has anyone contacted support about these?

  38. My sons game keeps crashing immediately after the loading screen. He’s just upgraded planetary command if that helps? He’s playing on an iPad Air 2, will be gutted if he has to reinstall and start again. Any ideas?

  39. Wow. September 2016 – 2 years later and this bug still happens. Im getting error 1215 after a lot of attacks. Drives me crazy.

  40. Error Status: 1215 Message Has appeared on my last 5 attacks during 2 most recent squad wars during my attacks.

  41. My game starts to load and stops and wont do anythibg else. Just stuck on loading screen. Any suggestions?

  42. 1028 Kelsey
    your game crashed and it said to contact you 2017-03-26_114628
    all so starship do not work all the time
    i play it on facebook gameroom

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  45. Connection Error! Unable to connect to the server. Check your internet connection and reload the game. Status: 7

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