How to Change Factions in Star Wars: Commander

I have received a few e-mails from people asking me how to change factions in Star Wars Commander, so I’ve decided to write this article and share with you everything you know about changing your faction in the game and how to play as bot the Empire and the Rebels.

Unfortunately, I have to start with some bad news: in order to change factions in Star Wars: Commander, you have to start over. The only method to change your side comes by uninstalling the game from your device, then installing it again and starting afresh. So you will lose all your progress, which kind of sucks and this is the number one reason why people stick with the alliance they have initially chosen.

However, there is a little trick that you can try to play your game as both the rebels and the alliance. First of all and the obvious method is if you have two iOS powered devices: you simply install the game on both devices and play with a different faction on each.

If that’s not an option, though, you can still try a trick: connect your game with your Facebook account, then uninstall it. Reinstall the game, start with the other faction and connect the game with a different Facebook account. From now on, simply switch from one Facebook account to the other and you can switch from playing the Rebels or the Empire.

Sorry there’s not an easy way to do this!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. I’ve downloaded the program but i get infested with virus.

    Than i look again and i’ve found a working program on
    As you see they a free download link too. Just leave you guys know
    maybe you can post that cheat tool.

  2. Once your base HQ is level 6, You can click on the symbol next to your name in the top left corner and it will give you the option to switch to the opposite side. Ex: If you are empire then you would click the imperial symbol I’m the corner and then you would have the choice to start building a rebel base and keep your empire base as well. So you would have two bases.

    • My base HQ is level 7, but I still can’t switch between the two factions. My brother plays the game, too, but he’s able to switch back and forth between the empire and the rebels whenever he wants, but when I tap that symbol it just brings up that message that says “Your base rating is determined etc.” Any idea what’s up with that? Thanks

      • Mine is the same and my lvl 7 base is about to become lvl 8 and it wont give me the option either. wtf do I do so I can play both also?

        • So i thought the same thing. Then randomly today i saw a “message” waiting for me located on the symbol. I clicked it (which usually just says the message “Your base rating…” but THIS time it pulled up a menu that talked about being able to switch sides! I was so excited and told all my friends… then i went back in the game later and GONE! I am now again only getting the stupid base rating message and unable to locate the menu to switch sides. WHERE DID IT GO!? This must be a glitch. Let me know if anyone figures out how to fix this but i am assuming it a glitch that hasnt been fixed.

      • They are randomly selecting certain players to try the feature. Not everyone gets to yet. Eventually there will be an update where you can do this

  3. You can click more info.on the pop up that appears when you switch to find out what the bases share and what they don’t. You can switch bases any time once you have started both.

  4. Actually they updated the game, now at base level 6 you can switch! I do t know if you get two bases, start over, or if it just changes looks?

  5. I’m at level 6 and finally got the option to switch factions and set up a new rebel base. But it doesn’t let me access it very much. It always loads my original imperial base and only randomly allows me a chance to switch. And most of the time when I can finally try to switch the game locks up. When I restart the game it sends me back to the imperial base. This is very frustrating. Any help appreciated.


    I followed these instructions and lost my HQ6 and countless hours of progress I made in this game. I also have no way to contact my squad (which I am the leader of) and tell them what happened.

    They changed the way the saves work in the game. It is no longer tied to your Facebook account. It is tied to Game Center. You can only have one account synced to Game Center, so if you overwrite that account, your progress is lost. Likewise, you can only have one Facebook account synced to your Star Wars Commander game. If you put in another one, it simply tells you the game is synced to another Facebook account.

    Bye, Star Wars Commander… it’s been fun… don’t make the same mistake I did!

    • Update: I was able to restore my save! Had to log out of Game Center and Facebook, then log in to Facebook in-game to allow it to re sync to Game Center. So if you make the same mistake I did, as long as you saved to Facebook, you’re fine!

  7. I had used a similar method to play both sides from one device by switching between Google accounts. I would not recommend this method as I ended up losing access to my lvl 6 Rebel base and had to start over…

  8. if you have a kindle fire hd there is a way to have several Star Wars Commander games ON THE SAME DEVICE. so you make multiple profiles, some kids profiles, and add Star Wars Commander to the profile, you can just switch profiles to get from one game to another, I have a kindle fire 3rd gen and it works awesomely! it’s that simple! (join empire computer squad 501st_Recruits) 🙂

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