Empire or Rebels: Who Is Winning in Star Wars Commander?

The fact that people are allowed to choose between the Empire or the Rebels in Star Wars: Commander makes us all wonder: what are the stats? Who is winning?

Common sense, if you are a playing a Rebel base, makes you believe that the Empire has the vast majority of players, but things might be different. Either way, I am sure you would love to have some insight into the game and I might have just the answer for you.

Disney themselves have released an extremely interesting infographic over on Tumblr showing us who is winning the intergalactic warfare between the Empire and the Rebels in Star Wars: Commander. Check it out below:

star wars commander infographic

So, it seems that we were tight: the Empire is the most popular choice in the game, even though things seem to be a lot more balanced than I personally imagined they were. It’s also interesting to see that there are 5 million players so far, but just 14 million battles have been fought. This is probably because instead of focusing on PvP battles, the players are instead trying to beat the campaigns and missions (which are probably not counted here).

Oh, yes, and we don’t know how many Wookies the Rebels have deployed. It’s probably too much to count. Ha!

6 comments on “Empire or Rebels: Who Is Winning in Star Wars Commander?

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  2. Look at how the preference towards Empire faction seems to directly correlate to countries with higher economic status. Looks similar to how the movies play out.

    • I know. I thought (after a very long time) that the Dark Troopers were the Woolies equal. Nope! If you are Empire and you even think you can beat freaking Wookies, you are dead wrong! Empire needs a Chuck Norris hero to kill those things! They don’t even wear armor! They’re practically naked! Naked! WTF!?

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