Disney & Netmarble Launch Amazing Moba: Star Wars Force Arena

It’s been a while since we’ve last seen a new Star Wars-themed mobile game, but it was definitely worth the wait! Star Wars Force Arena has just been launched on the App Store as well as Google Play and it is absolutely amazing!

Star Wars: Force Arena is a free to play game which managed to brilliantly mix MOBA elements with Clash Royale. What does this mean in terms of gameplay? You will collect and control iconic Star Wars characters from the Empire and Rebellion (from Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader) and send them into 1 vs. 1 or even 2 vs. 2 battles on small arenas. You will then play cards which will summon troops or special powers in the game, trying to defeat the enemy player’s headquarters. But it won’t be easy, as you will have to get past their troops first, then destroy their defending turrets in pure MOBA style.

The game is absolutely brilliant and I love it so far. There are a lot of goodies to collect, the free to play mechanics seem to be implemented quite nicely and you don’t feel forced to make purchases. There are a lot of freebies and goodies for new players… it’s all a real blast.

Here is the game’s official description with more details on what you can expect from it:

In Star Wars: Force Arena you will lead a powerful team of iconic Star Wars characters, including new favorites from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, into real-time, adrenaline-fueled battles against other players from around the globe! Players must form a powerful squad from a roster of over 80 upgradable characters and units to emerge victorious in the quest for galactic dominance.

Here are a few images from the game:

star wars force arena 1

star wars force arena 2

star wars force arena 3

Jump into the action right away with this amazing game by downloading it on the App Store or on Google Play. And make sure to check back soon as we’ll soon have guides and tips to share for this game!

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