DeNa and LucasArts Bring Star Wars: Galactic Defense on the App Store

You might be really busy beating all the missions in the limited time campaign The Sickness in Star Wars Commander, but the developers of our favorite strategy game, DeNa, together with LucasArts have another treat for us: Star Wars: Galactic Defense has just been launched on the App Store and this is, in my opinion, another must play game set in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense is a tower defense game, and just like they did with Star Wars Commander, the developers managed to prove that there’s still a lot of room for improvement in this genre as well.

The nice thing is that we’ll get to see some familiar faces, and I am not only talking here about Star Wars characters. Some of the graphics look pretty much like the ones in the strategy game, so you should feel at home with this. We can also choose to play for the Rebels or Empire, but in this case we can easily switch from one to another and complete all campaigns if we want to.

What I saw about this game is that it has a ton of missions, with multiple planets to explore and a lot of features. We also have Heroes that we can directly control and move around on the map, sending them to hot spots on the battlefield, they can level up and use special powers, while the towers themselves gain new levels and get better as we win the campaign missions.

In other words, I really like the game so far and if you are a Star Wars fan, you should probably give it a try (available for free here). It’s not the same genre as Star Wars Commander, which makes it a nice addition to your device if you have the extra space and the required time to play it as well.

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