Are the Star Wars Commander Campaigns too Short?

As I am writing this article, there are less than three hours left to spend the points gathered in The Sickness campaign, the latest, Halloween-themed campaign in Star Wars: Commander. Just like many people out there, I didn’t manage this time to get to 6,000 points and unlock the special unit. Not that I haven’t tried, and not because the campaign was insanely difficult, but because I simply didn’t have time to get to the required amount of points.

And when I saw that I wasn’t the only one – with others getting terribly close, but not quite there with 5,900 or even more, I started to think about the length of these limited time campaigns. Shouldn’t they, maybe, last a little bit longer?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that this is an extra challenge and I accept the fact that just the most dedicated players get a chance to unlock special content, but I also believe that an extra 24 hours, not more, would give more people a fair chance at winning something. With jobs out there, with social life, with families and unexpected things waiting to happen, we might not always have the time to complete the limited time missions in Star Wars: Commander.

I am a huge fan of the game, which I believe it’s pretty obvious since I have started blogging about it, but I couldn’t get there this time. I was extremely busy for the past three days and I couldn’t be insanely active, as you are required to be in order to get enough points for the top reward of a campaign.

Were you in a similar situation? Do you agree with the fact that the Star Wars: Commander campaigns on Dandoran end a bit too soon or you consider the allocated time just enough for a nice challenge?

9 comments on “Are the Star Wars Commander Campaigns too Short?

  1. As time started running out I ended up spending like $200 in crystals to buy and upgrade more units… scrambling to get 6000… The last level is relentlessly difficult, even with 80+ level 7 infantry troops, level 7 hero unit, 4 x-wing strikes, etc. I still got like 0 stars like 20 times in a row. Every time I would run out I had to pay another $5 to get more money to buy more units because I would run out of time otherwise. I feel horrible that I wasted that much money, but I had to… I’m a completionist… and there was a timer counting down, I had no choice! That’s why they’re so short, to extort people like me.

    • So you maxed the total amount of zombies you can stock into your inventory ?
      8 Death Heavy
      15 Death Stormtroopers
      10 Death Scout
      I’m a completionist too, but i made a missclic on my inventory and i used 2 Death Heavy, i’m so fucking disgusted (:

    • The character in the game kept telling me to use the Hawk strikes that were not provided. I figured there was some kind of error and decided to call it quits after earning about 5000 points. You might ask the game makers if there was a mistake and see if you can’t get some of that money back.

    • Han plus juggs to take out the shields, single X-wing to take out the lab. 1 star, 90 points pretty much every time.

      I did it on my Empire base with a couple of days to spare. I didn’t bother with my Rebel base, but others in my Rebel squad took my advice (which was basically the rebel version of what I’d done on Empire) and nailed it.

      If the campaign went on a lot longer I might also have done it with my Rebel base.

    • Ok so levels 20 to 25 were a bit of a challenge for my lvl5 armies, but once you’ve unlocked 26 it’s a walk in the park with a piece of cake in your hand! Unlocked the 6000pts ship reward as well as I maxed out on the zombie troopers packs and single airstrikes available. I even managed to stack 30000 credits in my HQ inventory! Here’s how: level 26 is repeatable 140 times. To get 1 star, (90pts) all you need to do is destroy the science lab. There are 6 different maps for level 26. Out of these 6 maps, 2 of them offer you a lab that can be destroyed by a SINGLE stormtrooper (or wookie if you’re rebel scum). The remaining 4 maps need 4-8 troopers to kill the lab. Note that it’s pointless to try to 3-star all levels since level 26 is repeatable 140 times (with a countdown). 140 x 90pts = 12600pts!! I got hints from reading this blog so karma dictated that I should share this info. Merry Christmas! Now why are you still reading when you could be stacking precious points?

  2. I barely had time to finish this campaign and it was the only campaign I have finished. But the last level was relatively easy when you figured out in many of the layouts, a well-placed Han plus a single x-wing strike would get you 90 points.

  3. I honestly think the special event campaigns are not worth completing. They need to be more rewarding considering I’m burning through troops and resources…it’s not like you “need” those campaign rewarded starships. If they could offer a game changing reward then I’d reconsider otherwise I’m good with my X-Wing.

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  5. What I, personally, find just as bad as the short time for events is that the event unlocks can only be upgraded with event points, which I never have left over because I have to use all of them just to get the units in the first place

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